Rossi's sponsors many sports teams, and also donates to the schools and helps with fundraisers for many groups, including church organizations, The City of San Marcos, the City of Vista, The Boys and Girls Club, The Girl Scouts and The Boy Scouts, The Cancer Society, and other local charities.

Rossi's has field trips for schools and other charity's, where kids get a free tour and learn how to make pizza.

There will be a non-profit called Help Kids, that will raise money to fund kids sports teams as well s local school sports programs. Help Kids Play will be local and community based, and supports kids in their local areas.

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Our Sauce Line

Rossi's California Farms Marinara Sauce is made from fresh ripe California tomatoes, picked from the vine & put directly into the can. No processing, not from concentrate: just tomatoes & seasoning, nothing more. What a concept!

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